Charlotte Burgmans 

Charlotte Burgmans took art classes before she even could write. Art is part of her life since then. Moving to the United States in 2003 brought an important boost to her art career. She followed master classes in painting and printmaking and took successfully part in so-called juried shows (in California, Texas, New York etc.). Burgmans works from her studios near Amsterdam and Los Angeles. Her work is collected in corporate and private collections in the USA, Canada, Japan, South Africa, Australia, Peru, Netherlands, Norway, and Belgium. Dutch and American Film producers such as Touchstone, Paramount en Warner Brothers use Burgmans’ art works in their productions.


"My artworks are the result of my on-going urge to experiment with technique and material. My focus is predominantly on abstraction, whereby I like to work with compositions of shapes. Light and shadow play an important role within my wall objects, which are symbolising my way of embracing imperfection and Chaos by creating order, therefor I titled this series 'Organised Chaos'. With my paintings I want to invite te viewer to follow the interplay of lines. The overlapping layers symbolize connection, they occur precise but are often created intuitively with a variety of tools." 


Wall Object "Organized Chaos 05" has been awarded the 3rd prize at the 11th annual juried exhibition 2018 of Laguna Beach USA. 

I follow the train of my thoughts

The interplay of lines

Recurrent, fluent, scattered,

Marks on the canvas

Smooth, rough, or translucent

The representation of inter-connections

of emotions

Into a whole


Charlotte Burgmans works from her studio in San Clemente California and her Studio in Hilversum NL, see above.