Exhibitions coming up



Jan - March  Chez Freddy, Haarlem

Feb - Aug  Fosbury & Sons, Amsterdam

Jan - April  Bos Fine Art, The Hague

30 Apr - 8  May  Loods 6, Amsterdam

23 Jun - 31  Jul  Mondriaan, Amersfoort

4 Oct - 6 Nov  Rietveld paviljoen, Amersfoort

27 Oct - 4 Dec  Zero, De Ploegh Amersfoort


March DUO exhibition Bos Fine Art Utrecht


Loods 6    Exhibition 'Eiland' - Island

April 30 - May 8   2022  

KNSM laan 143   AMSTERDAM 

Daily from 12.00 - 17.00 


73 Artists will show their work inspired by the theme 'Island'. The artists gladly explain you about the artworks and their inspiration. I will be around most of the time. Just contact me if you want to meet me, so we won't miss each other. 

This exhibition is an initiative of the Amsterdam Artists Association 'De Onafhankelijken' (The Independents).


Exhibition Boogie Woogie

Ode to Mondriaan

June 23 - July 31   2022  

Gallery De Ploegh Amersfoort


City of Amersfoort Mondriaan 150 years.


Currently I am developing ideas for the artwork I will be showing together with 21 artists of artist association the Ploegh. All artworks will be inspired by the work of Mondriaan. 

Selection of Past Exhibitions 


Publications on Duo Art Show @ Bos Fine Art in The Hague

Sept 16 - Oct 3 2021 Invitation

The Holland Times, Sept 2021 

Starting at Bos Fine Art, Contemporary Art Tour The Hague Art Sept. 24, 7-11 pm

Magazin KLEI (Clay), September 2021

Materials - Art Zaanstad Aug 28 - Oct 3  2021

DUO Exhibition  Untitled TZT060                    

Gallery Bos Fine Art   -   The Hague

September 16 - October 3  2021


Open Thursday - Sunday  12.00 - 6 pm                                 

Korte Vijverberg 2 The Hague 


Charlotte Burgmans and Hubert Wurth will be showing their new works. The viewer will be surprised by the fragile and detailed work of Burgmans and the impressive collages by Wurth. An interesting and wonderful combination. Well worth a visit. 


Official Invitation



More Info:

Gallery Bos Fine Art

Paul Essens     +31(0)6 8169 1660
Marianne Bos  +31(0)6 1648 4645

Charlotte Burgmans  +31 (0)6 15887047