C h a r l o t t e B u r g m a n s

'Organized Chaos 02'    Mixed Media    30 - 30 - 6 cm    

clay tiles  2-2-0.1 cm, ink, acrylic, wood, museum quality plexiglass 

Exhibitions coming up




3 Sep - 6 Oct  Gallery SFWA, San Fransisco

8 Oct - 1 Dec  Juried show Laguna Beach City Hall`

                     Awarded 3rd Prize Juried Exhibition 2018
                     Laguna Beach, Juror H. Bowling

                     director Brea art gallery


Jan - March    Gallery Art Pic, Hollywood

7-24 Feb        Gallery Bos fine Art The Hague 
9      Feb        5-7 pm TZT Party, Grand Opening

                     at Gallery Bos Fine Art.

                     Open to the public, please RSVP

11-19 May      Loods 6, Amsterdam