C H A R L O T T E .B U R G M A N S

Art Zaanstad Zaanstad Sep 23-Nov 4

Affordable Art Fair Stockholm Oct  4-8

Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam Nov 1-5

Duo show Bos Fine Art Utrecht Dec 1-Jan 7


Charlotte makes compositions that are both harmonious and dynamic. Exploring the fundamental elements of form and rhythm, she creates a sense of balance and clarity that is both calming and energizing. Her work is characterized by clean lines, simple patterns and order. She strives to create a sense of stillness and contemplation, inviting the viewer to pause and reflect.

Charlotte employs a restricted color palette, exploring various tints of a single hue, while displaying a deep affection for gradient colors. Her wall objects are created with an enormous dose of patience. She incorporates hundreds of wafer-thin elements, which are mounted in the pattern to consciously create an interesting play of shadow and light.

Throughout the day, the wall objects undergo a captivating transformation, acquiring distinct dimensions as they interact with the interplay of light and shadow.