Charlotte makes compositions that are both harmonious and dynamic. Exploring the fundamental elements of form and structures, she creates a sense of balance and clarity that is both calming and energizing. Her work is characterized by clean lines, simple patterns and order. She strives to create a sense of stillness and contemplation, inviting the viewer to pause and reflect.

Charlotte employs a restricted color palette, exploring various shades of a single hue, while displaying a deep affection for gradient colors. Her wall objects are created with an enormous dose of patience. She incorporates hundreds of wafer-thin elements, which are mounted in the pattern to consciously create an interesting play of shadow and light.

Throughout the day, the wall objects undergo a captivating transformation, acquiring distinct dimensions as they interact with the interplay of light and shadow.



Wall Object "Organized Chaos 05"

has been awarded the 3rd prize

at the 11th annual juried exhibition 2018

of Laguna Beach USA. 



“The Organized Chaos series is the result of my desire to create order and connection in chaos.”