Art projects

Charlotte Burgmans frequently participates in, and organises, art projects. 


Publication in 'Woon' for Woonforum Groningen - April 2023 


Art Commissions

Corporate as well as private art commissions: For more information please email


Project 'Roots'


'Outcast' - 120-120-6 cm & 40-30-6 cm

Plywood, acrylic

Exhibited @ Gallery De Ploegh Amersfoort


'The word Roots has various meanings. I have used the meaning 'origin' To a large extent, the origin determines who you are. Judgments and prejudices make that there is a certain expectation of you. If you don't live up to that expectation, you're often considered eccentric "outcast." As far as I'm concerned, you are unique and authentic.

The artwork consists of three parts. The first part has ovals with subtle relief and color differences. These differences are accepted. In the second part, ovals are the same as in the first part, but 1 oval has a color and relief that is more different from the other ovals. This oval is 'excluded'.

Wall Object Q


This Q wall object was a commission of the high end recruiting company Quaestus, which I made for a special occasion Quaestus celebrated.


The five blue elements stand for the five core qualities of Quaestus.

The golden elements symbolize the celebration and the fantastic cooperation between the employees. 





At Location


Art Zaanstad 


Wall Object in a vintage interior 







Circo of a Human Genome


At the request of Prof. Dr. Ir. Wim van Criekinge, Professor in Computational Genomics and Bioinformatics at Ghent University within the faculty of Bioscience Engineering, I created a wall relief inspired by a circa of a Human Genome. The artwork is now hanging with pride in his office in Ghent, Belgium.

The human genome is comprised of 22 pairs of chromosomes 1-22 and the pair of sex chromosomes X,Y. Inspired by a Circo Plot of 3 genomes; father, mother , child. The coloured tiles/strips represent genes or important traits. 

From inside out: the first circle represents the mother, the child is the second circle and the father the third. If there is a colored line in all 3, the child has inherited the specific trait from both father and mother. If the first and second circle is in colour, the child has inherited the trait from the mother. In case the second and the third circle is in colour the child has inherited the trait from the father. The tiles / stripes in the fourth circle represent the 22 chromosomes, the X and Y.


Artwork: Circo of a Human Genome.Wood, acrylic, 300 gr paper, museum quality plexiglass 30-30-6 cm 12-12"

Disney Concert Hall

Power of Resonance

United States of Art

Group exhibition United States of Art exhibited at Gallery Salon West Amsterdam. The exhibition showed a wide variety of artworks created by 30 artists. In an era where the US often is seen through political eyes, this exhibition will give the viewer a different glimpse of American life. Daily city and street life, national parks, culture, music, architecture, influences of native Americans, symbolism about freedom and resilience, it is all visualised by artworks.  Project Leader: Charlotte Burgmans. 

Art Work by Charlotte: Disney Concert Hall, Oil on Aluplate 110-90 cm. Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. Ode to music and     Architecture. Disney Concert   Hall is the home of the LA Philharmonic. Architect: LA based Frank Gehry.


Healthcare & Art: art created by inspiration of an artist-doctors match. We organized several exhibitions at
Utrecht University UvH,
Stadshuis Hilversum,
Museum for Pathology Nijmegen,
Groenveld Castle Baarn,  
Stadmuseum Harderwijk 
Project team: Charlotte Burgmans & Claudia De Vos

Art work left: 'It's about you', acrylic on linen, 120-100 cm. 'Heelmeester': Alderman for welfare and care Harderwijk.

De Kunst van het Ondernemen

Businesses & Art: art created by inspiration of an artist-business man/woman match. Project team: Charlotte Burgmans & Claudia De Vos

Music & Visual Art

Axefield – Burgmans: art created inspired by Axefield’s music, record label Who's Susan

Paintings created: SNY and Power of Resonance. Oil on aluminium, 105 -140 cm


Two artists: Glass artist Bullee and Painter Burgmans create co-art.

Grand Opening United States of Art

'It's about you' 120-100 cm


Grand Opening Heelmeesters 2018