Loods 6 - Group exhibition by 'De Onafhankelijken'  

KNSM laan 143 Amsterdam    -    July 10 / July 18    -   12.00/17.00 

Gallery 'De Ploegh' - Amsterfoort

Duo exhibition

Willemijn van Dorp & Charlotte Burgmans 

September 6-12 


Wiilemijn van Dorp and Charlotte Burgmans will be showing their new works in this DUO Exhibition. Though their works are both abstract, the contrast of their works is intriguing.


Willemijn is inspired by the magic of water’s everlasting rhythm and movement. Her medium is oil on canvas or in gouache and graphics on paper.


Charlotte's series Organized Chaos is the result of her urge to find order and peace in chaos. Mixed media: Clay tiles, MDF, acrylic, plexiglass.


Address gallery: Coninckstraat 58, Amstersfoort 

Open Thursday/Friday 11.00-17.00, Saturday/Sunday 13.00-17.00





DUO Exhibition  Untitled TZTY                    

Gallery Bos Fine Art   -   The Hague

September 16 - October 3  2021


Open Thursday - Sunday  12.00 - 6 pm                                 

Korte Vijverberg 2 The Hague 


Charlotte Burgmans and Hubert Wurth will be showing their new works. The viewer will be surprised by the fragile and detailed work of Burgmans and the impressive collages by Wurth. An interesting and wonderful combination. Well worth a visit. 




More Info:

Gallery Bos Fine Art

Paul Essens     +31(0)6 8169 1660
Marianne Bos  +31(0)6 1648 4645

Charlotte Burgmans  +31 (0)6 15887047