Duo Exhibition

Nassau 42 Fine Arts  Antwerp

October - December 2020


By invitation of Gallery Nassau 42 Fine Arts in Antwerp I will be part of a DUO exhibition from October tot December 2020. 

Here I will be showing a wide variety of larger and colourful works, such as the triptych 'Circle of Life I, II and III (each 50-50 cm, together 170 cm by 50 cm) Details will follow. 



Circle of Life I:

Inspired by Prof. Dr. Ir. Wim van Criekinge, Professor in Computational Genomics and Bioinformatics at Ghent University within the faculty of Bioscience Engineering. I created a wall relief inspired by a Circo of a Human Genome. The human genome is comprised of 22 pairs of chromosomes 1-22 and the pair of sex chromosomes X,Y.
Circo Plot of 3 genomes; father, mother , child. The golden tiles/strips represent genes or important traits. From inside out: the first circle represents the mother, the child is the second circle and the father the third. If there is a colored line in all 3, the child has inherited the specific trait from both father and mother. If the first and second circle is in colour, the child has inherited the trait from the mother. In case the second and the third circle is in colour the child has inherited the trait from the father. The tiles / stripes in the fourth circle represent the 22 chromosomes, the X and Y.


Circle of Life I  (part of a triptych) a Circo of a Human Genome. 50-50-6 cm. Mixed Media: handmade clay tiles, 23.75 cr. gold-plate, acrylic, museum quality plexiglass